More and more people have been coming lately to Serbia from abroad in order to solve their dental problems.

At first, those were Serbian citizens, who temporarily live and work in other countries, but lately, a number of foreigners, who come here upon the recommendation of their friends, or after get informed or making contacts by internet (web sites, E-mails) or phone, has significantly increased.

Our way is firstly, to get familiar with a patient’s problem and needs, then to do x-ray of both jaws in order to get the picture of teeth condition as well as surrounding structures. The x-ray finding /record/ could be sent to us by e-mail as well. After that, we analyze the case and make a cure plan. Then, the patient is informed about the details of what has to be done, the time period necessary to do it, a number of necessary visits to us, as well as the price of our services. After that, we agree on a date and time for the first patient’s visit as well as the next checkup.

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